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Admin Username

When you log in to your QuickBooks, are you and your employees all using one "admin" username? There are a few reasons why you shouldn't share your admin user, and why you shouldn't use it yourself except for certain things that require administrative rights. Here are a few reasons why you should switch to everyone, including yourself, having their own user login:

► With the extra rights the admin user has, you or an employee can do something accidentally in you QuickBooks file to cause a serious problem, like delete half of the checking account history. If you have separate user profiles with separate security settings, you can make sure the people making changes in your QuickBooks are trained to do so correctly.

► Also, if everything is done under the same user, it's not possible to differentiate who made what changes. If everyone has their own user, however, and you notice someone is entering a transaction incorrectly, you can tell who made that change and discuss with that employee a different procedure going forward.

► In addition, if you suspect someone is writing fraudulent checks and everyone uses the admin user, you won't know which user is writing the checks.

► The admin user in your QuickBooks has a lot of freedom. This means they can enter things they maybe shouldn't, like changing pay rates, or seeing things you may not want them to see, for example, your checking account balance and account numbers or private information of other employees, such as pay rates, Social Security numbers, and direct deposit information. Keeping you admin user private means you can manage who sees what.

QuickBooks Desktop, depending on which version and year you have, allows up to five users without purchasing additional licenses, and QuickBooks Online allows up to five. Also, both allow you to set up users with different security settings, such as your Accounts Payable user being able to see only Accounts Payable screens.

To learn how to set up users and security settings in your QuickBooks file, call or email Jess Pierson at (425) 401-5061 and