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Your Own Personalized QuickBooks ONLINE Toolbar?

A handy way to manage your QuickBooks Online account is to set up a separate Chrome user just for using QuickBooks. This gives 1-click access to all your most used locations in QuickBooks. In addition, you can set up certain workflows in a certain order in a folder in your bookmarks bar so you remember the order things are supposed to go in, like in Accounts Receivable.

First, you need to set up a QBO Chrome user. The directions for how to do that with Chrome are located here: You can use your work email or make a new Gmail one for this if you have your personal or work profile already under your work email. Follow the instructions under “Steps to sign in to Chrome”.

Word of advice? Select a different profile image for each profile. It makes it easy to tell which profile you are in so you don’t get lost in your computer windows. I have a work profile, a QBO profile, and a personal profile, and each has a different pic that appears in the Chrome symbol in my task bar. A picture is included (can you guess which is which?).

Once you have your new QBO Chrome user set up, the fun part starts. Login to your QBO account, and browse to the places you use the most. As you come to them, right mouse click on the Bookmarks bar and click “Add Page”. When the window pops up, you can add a folder if you want all your reports under one folder, or all your AR workflow in one folder (remember to invoice, receive payment, then deposit payment, then match your Bank Feed transaction to the deposit).

If you would like help setting up some Chrome users and bookmarks, give us a call!